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Terms and Conditions

Terms and travel conditions of cerviniataxiparadise

CerviniaTaxiParadise (below also called, for convenience, CTP) is an individual Company based in Via Ravet, SN - 11027 Saint Vincent (AO) - Italia, VAT N. 01184960076, Registry number in Aosta AO74800 and governed by Italian laws currently in force.

CTP manages rental services with driver and makes collective or individual transfers people from airports/stations/ports/hotels to resorts. The transfer is made at the request of users on routes and schedules established from time to time.

These terms and travel conditions are the agreement between CTP and their customers and are applicable to all bookings made with CTP.

CTP collaborates with other car hire with driver companies, with the same high quality and efficiency standards.


All quotes are requested by email at or  on the website

CTP will answer you within 24 hours.

It is also possible to request quote by phone,


The customer, before booking a transfer must be sure to have read and understood the CTP conditions.

When two or more passengers are included in the same booking, or when the booking is made by a third party, the person who makes the booking (the Client) must be considered as an agent regarding other members of the group (Passengers) and as such accepts CTP terms and conditions on their behalf. If the booking is made by telephone or email, the client accept that the reservation is also subject to CTP conditions.

Upon acceptance of the reservation request made by the client, CTP will email to the client the confirmation of booking (voucher) and the cost of service will be charged on the credit/debit card provided by the client. The sending of the email is considered as a proof of receipt by the client

Payment of the service requested is to be made at the time of booking:

  • with credit card/prepaid card: the client communicate, at the moment of the confirmation, the number of your credit card, the expiry date, the full name of the card holder and the security code (CV) on the back of the card: +3%
  • with paypal: +3,75%

The booking made by the client authorize CTP to debit on client’s Card the amount of the transfer booked.

Upon booking, the client declares to be of legal age and ensures that every data provided correspond to the reality, are correct and complete. The client also declares that the credit/debit used belongs to the client or that he is authorized to use it and that we have its approval to charge immediately the amount of services booked.  

CTP will be not responsible for any mistakes in client’s booking and will not reimburse the client in case of a missed transfer due to these client errors.

The VOUCHER is, for all effects, the client’s ticket that has to be printed.


CTP offers transportation services up to 8 passengers and from 9 to 50 passengers  using other companies.

CTP offers different type of transfers:

  1. Private Transfer. The client buy a transfer service exclusively for himself and/or the group of which he forms a part. The vehicle used is at the entire disposal of the client for the service booked and the driver will make the service as asked by the client in the reservation;
  2. BUS Shuttle at pre-established times.The client buy, at least 2 days prior the transfer, one or more seats in a bus that will drop him off at the bus station, tourist offices or other collection point in the destination chosen. This is not a door-to-door service and the client knows that during the journey the shuttle may effect some detours or stops in order to pick up or drop off other clients that will go to or will arrive from other destinations. Sometimes it could be also necessary to change the vehicle. Clients are requested to be at the meeting point at least 10 (ten) minutes before the departure time shown on the voucher. Also in this case, the pick-up times may be shifted (+ or - 30 minutes) on the departure depending on the number of passengers travelling and the client accept this small changes of the pick-up times. CTP customer service will inform the clients, by phone, about any change of pick-up time
  3. VIP Transfer. The client buy a service which use luxury vehicles, as Mercedes S class or BMW 7 series, or Mercedes Viano, which are at the entire disposal of the client for the service booked.

All services offered by CTP are door-to-door services, excepted the shuttle bus service at pre-established times. However, there are some destinations where it is not possible to arrive with the vehicle. In these cases the Clients must contact the CTP offices in order to verify and confirm the departure times and the meeting points  of their transfer. Cases in which the Clients do not contact CTP and miss their transfer CTP will not refund anything to the clients.

In all CTP vehicles is NOT allowed to smoke and it is not allowed to introduce in the CTP vehicles alcoholic beverages or drugs with the intent to consume.

CTP drivers have the right to refuse transport to anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or whose behavior places the driver, vehicle or other passengers in danger, in its absolute discretion.


It is the client’s responsibility to check that every details on the voucher are correct and correspond to the information given at the time of reservation. Any mistakes or errors  must be communicated by email to before effecting the transfer.

It is the client’s responsibility to provide a valid phone number of at least one of the passengers, included the Country code, in case of emergency or communication. Any changes of departure pick-up times will be announced by phone or text messages by CTP within 24 hours preceding the service. It is the passenger’s responsibility to check any messages received on the mobile phone.

In case no contact number is given in the reservation, it is the client or passenger’s responsibility to be in touch with CTP to confirm the pick-up time. In case of the are no possibilities to contact clients or passengers to communicate changes in scheduled pick-up times and/or other information that can make the passengers to lose the transfer or the flight, and neither the client nor the passengers have contacted CTP, nothing will be refunded to the clients or passengers


All CTP vehicles are insured.

It is, however, recommended to subscribe a personal travel insurance to cover all passengers in the event of cancellation, assistance in case of accident, loss of luggage, loss of money and so on..


CTP is not responsible for verifying delays in any flight, train, ship or other means of transport used by the client but  it is the responsibility of the client to notify any delays to the CTP office so that they can manage these situations.

In case the Client has booked a private transfer and there is a delay of the flight or ship, or train, or other means of transport used by the client, the CTP driver will wait up to 60 minutes after the scheduled arrival time. After 60 minutes of waiting will be applied a supplement of 25,00 € for each hour or fraction of hour if the client has booked a car or a minibus up to 8 passengers and 50,00 € for each hour or fraction of hour if the client has booked a vehicle from 9 up to 50 passengers payable directly to the driver before the start of the service. If the client does not communicate the delay of more than 60 minutes the driver will be free and the client will have missed the transfer. Nothing will be refunded to the client.

If the client has booked a bus shuttle at fixed times, and there is a delay or cancellation of flight, ship or train or other means of transport used by the client, he will be transported on the next transfer shuttle available. If there were no other services of the same type available CTP will offer to the client a private transfer, if available, with the consequent application of the price for this type of service, less the price of the service already booked. If the client does not accept the alternative service, the customer will have missed the transfer and no refund is given in this case.

CTP will ensure that all vehicles will be on time as indicated in the reservation, but specifies that in no case will it be responsible for any consequences suffered by the Client as a result of transfers unable to arrive on time due to circumstances beyond the control of CTP not directly related to the driver, such as force majeure (accidents, heavy traffic, unexpected road detours, bad weather, stop for police control, etc.)

It is possible for the Client to make a documented and well-motivated request for a refund in the amount of the transfer previously paid if the service requested was not carried out or completed, and was not a result of force majeure or the Client's own decision, having renounced the service in cases as described in the next article 9.


Each passenger is allowed to bring one suitcase and one carry-on bag. Passengers may carry with it one pair of skis or a snowboard, which must be declared at the time of booking. Any excess luggage must be declared at the time of booking. CTP reserves the right to apply any surcharge for excess baggage.

If clients are travelling with golf bags or bike, for which there will be an extra charge, these must be indicated at the time of the booking. If they are not indicated in the reservation, CTP may refuse transport of golf bags or bikes that were not declared in the booking form. 

All luggage must be labeled with the owner’s name and the destination. The baggage is the sole responsibility of the customer who will not be entitled to any refund for lost or damaged luggage. Luggage forgotten in the vehicle will be delivered to the address supplied by the customer at his own expense.


Booking cancellation may only be effected via email to and will be confirmed, by email, by CTP. If the Client does not receive an email confirming cancellation of service, it is the Client's responsibility to call the CTP office. Booking cancellations must be made at least seven days prior the execution of the service. In this case no penalty will be applied and CTP will refund the cost of the booked transfer and supplements where applicable. If cancellation is effected within the seven days prior the execution of the service, no refund is available to Client.

CTP reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time, if it is not able to guarantee the correct execution of the service, reimbursing the cost of the service booked

All payments made will be refunded only if canceled by CTP.

Any changes in your reservation must be emailed to at least 24 hours before the service. If the client does not receive the confirmation email of the change is his responsibility to call CTP that, however, reserves the right to refuse the modifications.

Any complaints and refund requests must be emailed to  within 30 days after the service date.


If any discrepancies in the translation from the Italian language to other languages, will prevail, in any case, the Italian version.

The present Terms and Conditions are subject to Italian law. For any disputes that may arise between the Customer and CTP, the Aosta will be the exclusive competent with the express exclusion of any other judicial authority.